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Christmas has arrived!

A little bit early but I think it has helped cheer everyone up as they pass by my window. I'v already seen children stop and laugh at the little mice peeking out of the drawers and spotted fairies and creatures hanging from the tree. I hope its sparked some happy memories and invoked warm, cosy feelings. The window this year is not all singing and dancing as I've gone for a homey feel with twinkly lights and decorations that reflect the mood this year. Things will obviously be different in lots of ways for lots of people...

We will all be thinking differently about what we buy and where from this Christmas.

I have chosen items that you, or the person you buy for, will want to keep forever; something timeless, to treasure and love. I saw a sign in an independent shop today that read: "BUY LESS - CHOOSE WELL - MAKE IT LAST". I did think to myself as a retailer that it was a brave thing to display in your shop! We do need you to buy, but if we all try to be more aware of our buying power we can help to bring about changes to benefit us and our community, the city and our environment.

We offer 'Click & Collect' through out the year. Remember to message or call if what you want is not on the website :)

Thank you so much for supporting local businesses.

Jess x

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