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Find Some Christmas Magic ✨

Welcome to our new subscribers & our existing ones of course! If you've not been to us before this would be a lovely day to visit us and find out what we are.


Penny Street Collectables welcomes all to come and get festive with them! We’re at 74 Penny Street, Lancaster.

Come in and peruse our beautiful Christmas stock. 


Penny Street Collectables’ Christmas shopping event is on Saturday the 18th of November. 


We want you to feel the Christmas magic this year so we hope you can join us on the 18th of November for a cosy festive shop ~ pop in and warm up with some seasonal mulled wine and mince pies, relax and browse our shelves for some gift inspiration.

As always we’ll have our array of Gisela Graham Christmas decorations from velvet fruits, glass fairy tales, garlands of gold stars and glittering fairies for your magical trees. Decorations are only half the fun! You’ll find gift ideas for everyone. You can take your family and friends on a trip down memory lane with an antique piece or find something they’ll treasure forever from our vintage jewellery cabinet. We have a small handpicked selection of gold and silver items chosen for the uniqueness which sometimes can only be found in a vintage piece of jewellery.

The famous british brand, Emma Bridgewater, will have their Christmas designs in pride of place on the dressers. Mix and match winter animals with holly & mistletoe, fall for the nostalgic Folk Rosehip design and for a cosy Christmas holiday add some Christmas Joy with hand printed hearts & robins. Along with pottery this year, we have cards, calendars, diaries and gift bags to keep all the Bridgewater fans happy.

Our Peanuts range has new editions and Christmas decorations this year, for the snoopy enthusiasts. Plus whimsical winter collections from the cutest range in the shop: Maileg,  including ‘the cosy Christmas’ box with tiny wreaths and cocoa mugs! 

Come in and tick off the important ones on your list, we'll be open from 10am till 5pm.

This year as well as complimentary festive drinks and treats, we’re having a charity raffle with the chance to win a £50 gift voucher ~ proceeds going to the Local food bank.

Look forward to seeing you there with your lists at the ready!

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