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First Peek At The Christmas Stock!

I know it might be early, but like everything else this year Christmas is going to be a bit different too.

So Christmas stock is arriving in September! We've had lots of you in mentioning Christmas, getting present ideas and even buying gifts already. So we thought let's get it unpacked and out so if you want it, its there.

It will be available here online first. I have tried to buy less plastic as always, and go for glass, wool and wood, more than ever this year.

I have chosen decorations for their novelty, charm and statement appeal, as well

as thoughtful gifts for seekers of the unique. When you can't think of anything else gift-wise, a nice Christmas decoration is a good go to gift, something that will be used year after year. Bring an atmospheric accent into your home with these sought-after decorations – a distinctive option for those seeking a treasured heirloom piece to add to their festive collection.

Take a browse and enjoy the first little sparkles of Christmas coming your way...

Remember you can buy online and choose to collect from the shop - so no postage cost :)

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