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Just caught you,

Before the end of April! Almost May, 2022 is ploughing on regardless. Life is returning to normal.

Slowly, slowly, gatherings, holidays, weddings & parties I'm pleased to say are all happening again.

It's been lovely to have visitors into the shop and the city having a definite buzz in air -Its been missed!

The Lancaster community has always been a pretty amazing one, especially when it comes to supporting various needs. The high street businesses here were so grateful for their support during lock-down.

Now the support for the Ukraine people has amazed me, from the businesses donating takings, the public donations and fund raising efforts. One of my lovely customers has been endlessly sewing yellow & blue ribbons into pins and has gotten almost every business in the city to sell them, raising good amounts of money. She happily uses her own time to help out. This is one of the reasons it's so nice to be part of the Lancaster community. It's a generous city.

Our deliveries are also returning back to almost normal! Emma Bridgewater new pottery designs are truly delightful and full of garden birds, spring and summer flowers along with loads of new cats and dogs.

The Susie Watson pottery has also finally arrived too, after a long wait. I have to say it was still worth it, her foxglove pitchers are so pretty and will make any dresser shine - especially if filled with spring flowers!

Looking forward to the Queen's Jubilee Bank holiday with the extra Thursday and Friday off which I'm sure will confuse everyone including me!

We'll be closed Thursday and Friday that week but open again on the Saturday 4th June

As always message me if anything is required :)

All the Best



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