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Shelves of Pottery!


how are we all? I hope you're doing ok and enjoying your new found freedom again!

It's been magic to be in the shop and lovely to welcome real live people, customers and friends back inside, not just on the doorstep anymore.

Its taken a bit of adjusting to being allowed out again and I know some of us are still getting used to it and the freedom to browse outside and be in real bricks & mortar shop again, but we can and you should.

I myself have had slight trouble adjusting to a lot less pootling around in the house and garden but now I'm so glad to be out and about again before I literally turned into part of the sofa! I am missing the gardening though.

Exciting news, we've finally had our delivery of the lovely Susie Watson pottery! After almost a year of the factory being in shutdown. It's even nicer in real life with some beautiful new designs as well as some old favourites: Foxglove, Hare, and Rose Auricula. Susie Watson pottery is hand made; below is some info on how.

A ceramic design often starts as a simple sketch on a piece of paper and goes through a lengthy creative process before being selected for production. Once the basic clay shapes are made, every piece is fired three times, in enormous kilns, before any decoration is added.

Each design is delicately hand-decorated; sponges are cut out by hand before being carefully positioned on to the piece, the finer details are then applied freehand by brush. The finishing touch is the artists initials on the base, before a fourth and final firing. The end result is a beautiful yet durable ceramics collection, each one a little work of art and robust enough to be enjoyed every single day.

A beautiful mug can bring just as much pleasure as a piece of art on your walls.

Susie pottery fits in perfectly with your Emma Bridgewater and antique or vintage collections. It's truly charming.

We have Emma Bridgewater cards in too.

The brilliant Two Bad Mice cards

Tin signs £5.95

See you in the shop soon.

Jess xx

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